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Episode 194: Kill la Kill Roundtable

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Kill la Kill is over, anime is saved, and everything is going to be ooook.

As silly as an idea of an Anime “saving” the medium is, Kill la Kill certainly had a massive impact on fandom and drew many people back into anime that may have ignored the last few hits. It may be one of the most important shows in the last ten years. As I gush over the show in this opening you can guess correctly that this isn’t a review episode. We gathered together a group of people who can help put the show into perspective, help try an answer why this silly cartoon about a girl with a magically transforming school uniform has captured anime fandom on such a deep level.

Joining us for this discussion is Charles Dunbar and Katriel Page from, and  Zack Reese from

Episode 194: Kill la Kill Roundtable


Episode 193: Anime Boston 2014

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Fresh from Anime Boston we talk about the convention’s ridiculous security theater and some delicious cheese burgers with guests Lauren Orsini from Otaku journalist, Charles Dunbar from Study of Anime, and Vinne Averello from All Geeks Considered.

Episode 193: Anime Boston 2014


Episode 192: The Recommendation Engine


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This week we welcome Kim from Anime Planet to discuss her website, it’s history, and future. Also, Scott talks about his crazy juicing plans and more!

Episode 192: The Recommendation Engine


Episode 191: Tanuki Balls



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This week we spend way too much time talking about Titanfall. Then Scott gives his thoughts on last year’s The Eccentric Family.

Episode 191: Tanuki Balls


Episode 190: Segway

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This week we discuss Miyazaki’s comments about the anime industry. Also, non anime related stuff.

Episode 190: Segway