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Episode 133: Ninjas aren’t Moe


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This week on the Podcast Scott bought more Ponies, a condo, and went to a wedding at a Starbucks while Michael continues to talk about Guild Wars 2. In news Yen Press adds Yoshiki Tonogai Doubt, Manga Gamer puts Go Go Nippon and Higurashi on Greenlight, Sentai Filmworks adds Penguindrum and more, Kokoro Connect staff issues statements on performer treatment, and Bandai Entertainment to discontinue home video, Manga, and novel sales. In our final segment Michael reviews Himawari season 1.

Episode 133: Ninjas Aren't Moe


Episode 107: K-On! Revisted


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This week Michael is distracted by the release of Mass Effect 3 to the detriment of the show and Scott got some board games in the mail! In news Shinkai art book comes to iPhone, Crunchyroll to steam Haiyore Nyaruko San and Hiiro no Kakera, Crunchyroll will donate all Blach and Naruto steam proceeds to quake charity, NIS America licenses Otome Yokai Zakuro, DCS Cherry Blossom festival to hold Ghibli film marathon, and I.G. works makes Mass Effect anime. In our final segment Scott reviews the Bandai release of K-On! and he answers the question that echos through the anime community: Does K-On! have real merit?

Episode 107: K-On! Revisted


Episode 98: Goodbye Bandai

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We’re back from our Winter break with our tales from video game adventures, illnesses, and complaining about game of the year awards.  Our main topic is, of course, Bandai’s announcement to stop releasing DVDs and an analysis of the interview with Ken Iyadomi. In news Sentai Filmworks licenses Moretsu Pirates, Someday Dreamer, and Ano Natsu de Matteru; NIS America licenses Natsume Yujin Cho and Brave 10; Phantom Breaker to be released in the west, Crunchyroll licenses all the shows, and Hollywood reporter reports Live Action Akira production is shut down.



Episode 77: Otakon 2011… ICE COLD




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This week we’re joined by favorite guests, Jon Ingoglia ( and Greg “The Digital Bug” ( to review Otakon 2011. Also, Michael talks about his new shipment of figures and I celebrate the complete move of my personal blog. In news we have licenses form Bandai, Funimation, Aniplex, and Mangagamer.





Episode 73: Licenses and AM2 2011



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This week L. B. Bryant from and joins is to discuss his experience at Chase Wang’s AM2. Also, new NISA releases and I apologize for stealing a domain name. In news, all we have are licenses! Funimation, Aniplex USA, NIS America, Viz, Right stuf, Bandai Ent, Sentai filmworks, and Crunchyroll all add shows!

Anime News Network’s AM2 review