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Episode 160: Friendship is Manga


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Michael and I talk about people who need to consume the latest in all things and OMG it’s so great you have to watch this why aren’t you watching this! Aso, My Little Pony manga is coming!

Episode 160: Friendship is Manga


Episode 93: Why we blog


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This week we discuss the reasons for why we write anime reviews and what drives us to keep blogging. Before that, Michael talks about his new car and the end of Saints Row the Third while I praise the Muppet movie and curse the confusing art of mattress shopping. In news Bandai is shutting down it’s online store, aniplex confirms Fate/Zero boxset, Miyazaki’s newest work is not for everyone, discotek adds Panda go Panda, Restrictions life on Maine man arrested for explicit anime, Sentai Filmworks adds Grave of the Fireflies, and Crunchyroll has over 70,000 paid subscribers.

Episode 83: Self-proclaimed Mad Scientist



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This week I have resuming watching Tiger and Bunny while Michael, playing slowpoke, finally is making his way through My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic season 1. Be advised, season 2 started TODAY so content might be a little more Pony heavy for the next few FOREVER. In news Sentai Filmworks licenses Modern Magic Made Simple, Toradora Box set includes all new episode, and NIS America upgrades their Kimi Ni Todoke release to Blu-ray. Finally we review MM!, Usagi Drop, and Steins:Gate.



Episode 82: Moe for Charity