Bargain Bin Deals: Melody of Oblivion


There has been little to no love for Melody of Oblivion.The budget and quality of the show were slashed towards the end and it sold next to nothing when Geneon brought it to DVD here in the states. Which is a shame because the show remains one of the most surreal anime I’ve ever seen. At its very best Melody of Oblivion is an indescribable visual feast. It’s an action title, a coming of age story, a social critique, and a surrealistic nightmare all in one.

I originally watched the show in fansubs back in 2006 and since have been waiting to buy the DVDs. But, unfortunately, the online prices remained high and the cheapest I could find the set at conventions was around $200. Rightstuf is still refusing to take a loss on the complete collection which is priced at $89.99 but the individual DVDs are all in the bargain bin. Once you buy DVD 1 with the artbox for $8 and the other five DVDs for $6 a piece you’ll get the exact same $90 boxset for only $38 (plus shipping).








The price is well worth it when you consider that this show will probably never be rescued by another licensee. This will be your last time to see this rather odd thought provoking show. What thoughts the show provokes I’m still trying to understand.







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