First Impressions: MM


Summary: In order to cure himself of his Masochistic fetish Taro Sado seeks the aid of Second Volunteer club president Mio Isurugi.

Review: I find it hard to believe that it has taken this long for someone to put a Tsundere together with a Masochist. Here you have one of the most popular anime archetypes placed with someone who is always going to enjoy it? Actually, claiming character’s like Love Hina’s Keitaro and Haruhi’s Kyon are masochists might not be that huge of a stretch. ..

vlcsnap-2010-10-03-15h00m15s171 MM starts off with Mio chasing Sado around and beating him up, a scene that is never explained in the first episode and seems to just be an example of what the audience is going to see for the next twenty minutes: A cute Tusdare beating on a masochist. That is pretty much the only joke to the entire show. Well, the only joke except for the cross dressing character.

Yep, those are the only two jokes in the entire first episode. Taro gets turned on by being beaten up and his crush is a cross dresser. There is a large amount of Otaku who have found Tusdare beating on people enjoyable but MM is definitely pushing the gag too far. It is like they went back and reread Love Hina and believed that the reason it was so popular was when Naru beat on Keitaro! Then the writers proceeded to strip out all other jokes, character development, and storyline.

There is some hope for a little character drama with the passive Arashiko Yūno, who seems to be terrified of vlcsnap-2010-10-03-15h00m49s36 Sado because of his fetish. While even her interaction with Sado ended up in a pummeling the preview for the second episode appears to have something of a relationship growing between the two. The episode ends with Sado having joined the Second Volunteer club with Mio claiming that it will be the cure for his masochism. Doubtful, being that it allows many more opportunities for Sado to be abused by Mio, which is exactly what Sado wants. This episode simply got us to the point where these characters can interact and perhaps grow. Hopefully now that the show is at this point it can expand beyond the “He gets turned on when I hit him” gag I was tired of after five minutes.

Verdict: Even if the show can develop some likable characters and some kind of cohesive plot I doubt they’ll let the masochist gag die anytime soon. I’m tempted to try the second episode and see if MM can fill my “light moe show” requirement for this season. However, if the masochist gag is pushed even a little then I doubt I’ll be able to sit through it for long.

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