First Impressions: Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt



Summery: Two angels have come to Earth and must earn “heaven coins” in order to return home. They do so by banishing Ghosts from the Daten City, a city that sits on the border between heaven and earth.

morning panty Review: The most compelling aspect of Gainax’s Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt was the animation. Instead of the normal anime style it instead decides to barrow from a more western style that mimics early 2000s Cartoon Network shows like the Powerpuff Girls and Dexter’s Laboratory, with the protagonist’s dog being completely lifted from Invader Zim. Even the format, two 12 minute shorts per episodes, is in the style of an American cartoon. While at first refreshing I just couldn’t enjoy the art, it was more distracting than enjoyable after the opening animation. Being different certainly got the show noticed but one of the reasons I enjoy anime is because of the art style and I assume most western fans share the same feelings. I assume that Gainax is attempting to capture a Japanese audience that enjoys this style much like Cartoon Network’s attempt to capture fans by mimicking anime. While I applaud Gainax for trying something new this art style is not for me.

The show itself is just a gag anime filled with toilet humor and sex jokes. While the animation is inspired by  American cartoons the plot is clearly Japanese, at its core it is about two Shinigami sent to Warth to take care of some misbehaving ghosts, no where near the most original concept for a show. The characters are about as victory!shallow as one would expect from a gag anime, Panty is a slut and the only jokes involving her are centered on that fact: she talks in sexual innuendo, is found sleeping with several guys, and when she runs into a guy she likes her first action is to drag him into a motel. Stocking barely gets any development in this first episode because of the how much the “Panty is a slut” joke is played up. She is characterized as the goth Lolita who is obsessed with sweets, a slightly less forced flaw than Panty’s sexual appetite.

The protagonist’s names, and the show’s title, come from their ability to turn their clothes into weapons. Obviously, Panty has to remove her.. and so on. During the first fight Gainax tosses in a classically animated  sequence of Stocking transformationthe two girls stripping the appropriate garment off and fondling themselves. While it was a bit tasteless it was animated extremely well and allowed me to clearly see at once how much I disliked the art style of Panty and Stocking and longed for the Japanese style to take over during the fight scene. But, unfortunately, the adult anime version of Panty and Stocking were there for only brief fan service and then gone.



Verdict: I suppose if you like the humor you’ll find Panty and Stocking enjoyable. I rolled my eyes at all the “jokes” and found the action sequences boring. The animation is clearly well done but the style is not to my liking and clearly done just to be different.


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2 thoughts on “First Impressions: Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt

  1. Psg is to magical girls as gurren lagann to shitty cliche robot anime, quite honestly this is basically gainax, after facepalming to western animators for their failures (none of them are any good), deciding to troll the shit out of cartoon network. In the process of doing so making countless hilarious pop culture shout outs; if u didn't get hooked after the 'do you feel lucky, punk' line, then u need to watch dirty Harry. The art work is a nice change from the classic anime style, it's refreshing and way better than anything western cartoon could do these days; the sound track is top rate (yet again way better than low budget shit found in western cartoons). I wish those American studios learn a thing or two from this; this is how a cartoon should be made like. Oh and haruhi got their ass handed to them by part e episode 10. Best English song sung by Japanese voice actors, in fact way better than what most of the god dam idiot pop star can do.


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